The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation and Isabella Garrucho Fine Art are thrilled to begin an ongoing partnership, which uses fine art sales to benefit DRIF’s mission. Founded through Isabella Garrucho’s “Arts for Fundraisers” program, this collaboration opens up a unique new fundraising channel, creating an easy and highly personalized way for you to donate to DRIF.

Simplicity is one of the secrets to successful fundraising in this collaboration. Harnessing the idea that everyone buys art, the partnership of DRIF and Isabella Garrucho Fine Art gives you (and anyone who is shopping for art or furniture) the means to easily become a supporter of DRIF. At your request, Isabella Garrucho Fine Art will donate 10% of your sale to DRIF as a tax-deductible contribution made in your name. Whether you are shopping for your private home or a boardroom, for a front office or your personal yacht, any art or furniture purchased from Isabella Garrucho Fine Art has the potential to become something more than just an everyday purchase. Whether you are an individual or represent a corporation, art purchasers of all kinds can now turn purchases they are already making into meaningful, tax-deductible donations to one of the world's most respected diabetes organizations.

The other secret of success in this collaboration is its high level of personalization. Not only do Isabella Garrucho Fine Art and DRIF share personability as a core value, but also art and furniture purchases are inherently personal. Art and furniture pieces frequently become a part of the buyer’s life, and are choices which you will, quite literally, live with every day. With over 25 years in the art industry, Isabella Garrucho Fine Art ensures that you will love your art and furniture choices, and Diabetes Research Institute Foundation offers the added satisfaction of knowing that your choices are doing good. When you know that your purchase directly supports a foundation dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by diabetes, your new art or furniture becomes a uniquely special and treasured part of your life, and is a long-lasting reminder of your incredibly meaningful donation.