The Belgian artist Nadia Naveau (born 1975, Bruges, lives and works in Antwerp) is best known for her figurative sculptures. The typically seductive and often surprising sculptures are the result of a balanced game of colour, shape, scale and various materials such as plaster, ceramics and polyester. Naveau's sculptures are best described as three-dimensional collages and, because of their eclecticism, betray a certain post-modern twist. In this way a single image can evoke references to The Simpsons as to classical antiquity, the Baroque or Mexican culture.

For the exhibition at the museum Dhondt-Dhaenens Nadia Naveau is making a new installation in which diverse sculptures are brought together in a comprehensive scenography. New sculptures are combined with existing works that are reimagined and reworked in plaster resulting in a new evocative work of art.