Pen + Brush is pleased to present the third iteration of Overlap: Life Tapestries curated by Vida Sabbaghi. Intersectionality, the theory underpinning this exhibition, challenges the notion that a woman’s experience and body of work is determined solely by her gender. This 2019 exhibition with Pen + Brush brings together a group of self-identified women artists whose artistic practices are richly charged in their realization that discrimination is characterized and informed by national origin, race, social position, and historical forces.

Cultural producer Vida Sabbaghi uses this intersectional approach to counter the underrepresentation and misrepresentation of women artists. The artists in this exhibition - Carrie Alter, AM DeBrincat, Angela Fraleigh, Judy Gelles, Maren Hassinger, Michela Martello, Lacey McKinney, Renee Phillips, Arlene Rush, Jean Shin, Linda Stein, Shari Weschler, and Martha Wilson - are from different social andprofessional backgrounds and generations. They imaginatively recreate the tapestry of their lives through their art, while mapping the relationship between the personal and political.

Curator Vida Sabbaghi uses this intersectional approach in her work to counter the underrepresentation of women artists. She first curated Overlap: Life Tapestries at A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, and later at Penn State’s HUB Robeson Gallery. Sabbaghi, a cultural producer and leader on matters of equity, inclusion, and social justice, is the founder and executive director of COPE NYC.