The non-United States of America is in dire need of replacing a “reality” president with a real president, one who is mentally, morally and physically strong and with enough intelligence to manage the complexity and stamina that the position requires. Such attributes as intelligence, mastery of knowledge, mental stability, honesty and courage matter, as we have learned too well in the last three years. Without this change, I doubt that the country can survive and certainly not as a world leader and a democracy.

There are many among us who feel that the safest choice is the best choice in the next candidate. They do not want to alienate the conservative or moderate voter. I sympathize with this concern. , but is soporific a counter to daily terror? Americans are awakened by this threat to our very existence. They are acting and reacting in a variety of effective ways. Yet a coalition of very different perspectives is necessary for the coming elections.

Many experts advise choosing the moderate, not scary road to election. Biden is that choice. He remains amiable, folksy and his bumbling is alwas well-intentioned. He wouldn’t have touched and kissed womenor smelled their hair had he known that it was creepy. He is somewhat out of touch, but always well-meaning.

Any mistake in reading the temperature of the populace could be a fatal one. The Russian and American white supremacists might prevail. In that case, all is lost and the USA is no more. Thus, extreme caution is advised.

As an expert in psychology and human behavior, I have a different opinion which I will explain with an analogy. Imagine taking away the ubiquitous cell phone from every individual who relies upon it. There would follow an international period of deep mourning, of profound depression and of the process of “coming off” an addiction. Such an act would undoubtedly precipitate a worldwide depression of a non-economic nature.

Now follow me closely. The daily antics of one Donald Trump constantly energize not only his base, but his opponents. The latter group is the one that is crucial for the coup that he has managed, along with many enablers, to be overturned and order restored. But restoring a mild and middle of the road kind of order is not appropriate in this situation. Both sides are over-stimulated and are experiencing a kind of intensity as a result of the shocking events each day brings. Normally, we could psychologically accomodate to one or two shocks, but the constancy day after day is much like an addiction and much like the situation of the users of cell phones. At this point, they cant live without these devices and I want to suggest that the voters also need to be weaned gently from daily overstimulation.

To remove this heightened emotionality precipitously and to replace it too rapidly would create a psychological and political disaster. We do not need a moderate, nice guy, who inspires a warm fuzzy feeling. We need someone who inspires excitment and enthusiasm, but not only that if we are to survive as individuals and as a nation. While being intelligent and knowledgeable, she must also offer empathy and a sense of solid safety. She must be experienced and able “to think on her feet,” to counter the trash and personal attacks of Trump with poise, intelligence and a certain heightened energy.

Trump functions by bullying and shaming, by constant lying, confusion and chaos. Due to what apears to be dementia, he also can not think and can not speak above a third grade level (Sorry, third graders!). She must be able to withstand this form of infantile terrorism without indulging in the same.

This is a complex combination of qualities. Neither Biden nor Saners meet these qualifications, the one too old fashioned and soporific, the other too histrionic and angry. There is only one person running for president who has all those qualities. She is from the heartland and the mindland, complex and incisive in her thinking and warm and relatable in her dealings with the people.

The only problem that remains is whether the American people, who still have not chosen to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment or create gender equality in the public arena, will vote for a woman. Opposing this concern is the fact that they voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton. Elizabeth Waren is a different kind of woman and candidate than is Hillary and is not asociated with a conflicted past or a problematic spouse.

Of course, a different strategy than Clinton’s would be necessary to capture the electoral college and not just the popular vote. Another strategy to protect our voting booths from Russian interference would also be mandatory. These things can be done.

In the tragic but unlikely case that there may not be enough votes for a woman candidate, it would be misogyny rather than Donald Trump that will have destroyed our already fragile country. In my opinion, however, the country is more than ready for an exciting, dynamic and ambitious candidate to maintain the intensity to which we have grown accustomed, while governing intelligently and competently.

Of the second tier, there are many exciting, creative candidates whom could be chosen as vice president and, in that way, would glean the experience and stature necessary for the following administration. But, please, let’s at least make some new mistakes.