Bringing numerous leading metalwork artists from the Japanese contemporary art scene, Onishi Gallery works with both renowned and emerging talents to introduce their work to American audiences, connect them with museum collections, and enable American arts and cultural institutions to discover and partner with these international talents. In 2019, Onishi Gallery continues to connect Japanese artists with American audiences by serving as a bridge between U.S. cultural institutions and the Japanese government.

As Japanese contemporary metalwork is a relatively new concept to American audiences to both museum institutions and individual collectors, and Onishi Gallery is the only one special-izing in this media and tradition in the United States, we are especially compelled to share the beauty and unique techniques of its Japanese character with the public. This ambitious exhibition helps fulfill that mission by showcasing the work of Japanese metalwork artists who are now stepping onto the international art stage by collaborating with Onishi Gallery.

Of the ten metalwork artists featured, two have been designated “Living National Treas-ures” by the government of Japan for their rare traditional knowledge and high level of creative skill: NAKAGAWA Mamoru (Living National Treasure); ŌSUMI Yukie (Living National Treasure); MIYATA Ryohei, ŌTSUKI Masako; OSHIYAMA Motoko; HAGINO Noriko; HATA Shunsai III; SAKO Ryuhei; HANNYA Tamotsu; and HANNYA Taiju.