The embroidery is the essence of the creations of this Lebanese-American designer, through his creative mind and energy beautiful handmade motifs came to life. Pixel vision and intriguing brilliance are the triggers of his love for the radiant.

With incredible sharpness and uniqueness, Rami created unforgettable works of high fashion, which he created from his studio in Beirut and soon after presented at Paris Fashion Week. At the moment, Rami Kadi is one of the most beloved high-fashion makers whose models are worn by the most famous women on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, Cannes Festival, etc., including Jennifer Lopez, Kendal Jenner and Isabeli Fontana.

We met with him in Porto Montenegro during the International Fashion Festival, where he presented his latest collection.

What was the moment when you realized that you wanted to become a fashion designer?

I have to tell you, there wasn't a specific moment that made me become a fashion designer. My first fashion memory was when I forced my mother to buy purple shoes with a huge bowtie. My mom has a very classic taste, so that was my first fashion statement that I recall.

Other than yourself, who is your favorite fashion designer or brand?

I really like Christian Dior. Vintage! Just like back in the fifties. I like the cuts they used to do, the corsets, the waists and generally anything from the fifties era...

Tell us, what is the biggest challenge of working in the fashion industry?

The biggest challenge is to always sustain your brand and to complete collections. As you are aware, every collection is expected to bring something new, something that is different, so that your brand remains hot. So, this is the biggest challenge we face from season to season. Especially nowadays in a fast-paced industry in which everything is quickly evolving, partially due to social media. If you post something today, people will forget about it in the next few days, as someone has already posted something else. You always need to upgrade yourself.

How do you see luxury today?

I think luxury has become If I can say, very exclusive now. There's no longer a middle-range luxury, people are interested in couture, but the mediation between couture and ready to wear I think has vanished. Luxury is becoming very niche and very specific to a certain kind of people. Our clientele is usually very young, we also cater to some of their mothers, but it's mostly the new generation that is interested in our pieces. That is where luxury is going at the moment...forward.

When and where you were the happiest?

It is a very difficult question as my happy moments remain just for a few hours after the fear starts to creep in, what should I do next to be happier and happier?

So your happiest moment is connected to fashion?

Yes, definitely! I think my happiest moment so far is what we did during Paris Fashion Week this year. I was very satisfied with the results, with the models we got, we had an amazing cast. We worked with Rose Bertram and Isabeli Fontana, the location was great as well. We got amazing press and reviews, I am always excited going through the reviews after a show, you never know if you created a great collection until you see the reaction of the people and read their genuine reviews. During the process of creation, you are in your own bubble and the collection launch is the first time you can showcase the work of months to the public... It's a scary moment when you take your creation outside of the bubble and expose it to the world.