On the ground floor of Eye, the Panorama, you can see a permanent presentation featuring film devices that mark important moments in the history of cinema. The Panorama is suitable for all ages.

In the Panorama, Eye presents a few highlights from the collection, including a Mitchell, which is a 35mm camera that was used to shoot many major Hollywood films; a mutoscope that shows Charlie Chaplin’s The Waiter, a magic lantern, and the Kinamo, a very compact camera that film pioneer Joris Ivens used to film the famous documentary De Brug (The Bridge). Together they show the quest of enthusiastic inventors and visionaries to capture the moving image.

For young and old, the exhibition provides accessible answers to questions such as: how were films made in the old days, what did the older cinema equipment look like, and what technological developments has film undergone?

The presentation also takes you past 360° – a space where visitors are surrounded by nearly one hundred film clips from the collection; the Pods – which are miniature cinemas each with a three-seater sofa; and along interactive installations such as Flipbook and the Green Screen, where visitors can create a so-called “thumb cinema”, and can even appear in a movie scene. The presentation is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00 and can be visited with either a film or exhibition ticket.

The Panorama is made possible thanks to the participants from the BankGiro Lottery.