For the 15th anniversary of their studio, BIG-GAME, designers Augustin Scott de Martinville, Elric Petit and Grégoire Jeanmonod present ensembles of everyday objects whose formal vocabulary is simple, functional and optimistic.

From a wine bottle you might see at the supermarket to a chair held in the MOMA’s permanent collection, from a collaboration with Japanese ceramicists to a furniture design for Ikea, the work of this Lausanne-based trio is recognised both in Switzerland and internationally. Their designs are characterised by the usefulness, craftsmanship, quality and elegance that have seduced companies worldwide.

Rather than creating a mere showroom, the designers of BIG-GAME immerse us in their creative process, describing a specific aspect of the development of each work. Ensembles of objects are presented on bare panels on the ground for a dense, immediate visual impact. The exhibition also contains a wealth of anecdotes and sources of inspiration behind the designers’ quest for functionality and durability – two crucial elements in today’s hyper-consumerist world. And in a second path through the exhibition, at just the right height for kids, the designers put a fun twist on the world of industrial design.