What conditions our understanding of history? And what defines our memories of our own lives? How do we look at the places, landscapes and countries through which we travel, where we live and are at home, with all their (political) fissures and peculiarities? Individual and collective stories are the basis on which we connect with the world and understand it; at the same time they generate knowledge, no matter how fragmented and patchy this individual knowledge often seems.

At the core of this exhibition are different artistic stories, personal narratives and engagements with recent history as forms of gaining understanding. 13 artists have been invited from Switzerland and beyond. In various different ways they deal with the history of a country as well as a personal history or, as the case may be, their viewpoint or commentary on, or memories of, contemporary events.

The different perspectives encompassed by the artists’ works, thanks to their different backgrounds, nationalities and artistic interests, will enable the viewer a wide insight into the world and its histories today, told by individuals yet with the possibility of being relevant to all.

The exhibition comes about in collaboration with CULTURESCAPES, among others. This year CULTURESCAPES is focusing on Poland.