The exhibition The Space Within the Space marks the first retrospective exhibition to provide a comprehensive historic, stylistic, visual and theatrical overview of Slovenian scenography. Using original models, drafts in a variety of techniques, sketches, blueprints and performance photos, among them, the smallest stage design draft in the size of a postal stamp, the exhibition will portray the works of contemporary and older stage designers, the development of performance spaces in Slovenian theatre, and the development of scenography as a discipline per se. As most of the older-generation scenographers were also important visual artists, the exhibition will take the opportunity to concentrate on the theatrical segment of their work, which has thus far been much less explored (for example, the works of Ivan Vaupotič, Maksim Gaspari, Avgust Černigoj, Gabrijel Stupica and others). The exhibition will contextualise scenography in the history of Slovenian and European fine arts and theatre.

The attractive, interactive, and visually rich exhibition will captivate theatre, art history and fine arts experts, as well as the general public, and will provide a new perspective of the theatre and fine arts history in Slovenia along with copious amounts of new information.

The exhibition is being set up by the Slovenian Theatre Institute (SLOGI) in collaboration with the National Gallery in Ljubljana, where it will be on display.