The National Gallery of Slovenia is an art museum with one of the longest traditions in Slovenia. From the very beginning its experts' endeavours were aimed at a collection as systematic as possible to trace the artistic production in Slovenian provinces from the High Middle Ages through the 20th century. They have set high standards of research, maintenance and care as well as modes of presentation.

Faithful visitors of the Gallery’s permanent collection, of exhibitions and accompanying events, the international recognition of its achievements, a long line of publications, important donations of owners and collectors, and its reputation in the local and international community add up to its success as a national institution.

At the beginning of 2016 we are glad we can present the re-planned and expanded National Gallery and its artworks to the public judgement, appreciation and enjoyment. For the first time the three-partite museum complex – the oldest and entirely refurbished palace of the Narodni Dom Palace of 1896, Edvard Ravnikar's New Wing, constructed in 1993, and the glass entrance Hall finished in 2001 – functions as a unified structure. The National Gallery of Slovenia has entered a new age with a new permanent collection enlarged by one third of the former selection, offering its visitors now over 600 exhibits.