Crown Point Press announces its annual group exhibition, Summer Choices, which features a varied selection of prints to represent the summer season. Since its founding in 1962, Crown Point Press has worked with over a hundred artists who have created etchings that embody a range of themes from abstraction to representation. The prints brought together in this exhibition enhance one another’s individuality and connection.

This diverse collection of prints offers a glimpse of the variety of talented artists who have worked in Crown Point’s studio. Brooklyn-based painter Patricia Treib expressed feeling through her selection of vibrant blues and pinks in the print Interval. “Color is one of the most important elements,” she explained. “I bring it in froma separate direction, and it is at times shocking, and other times more subtle.” John Chiara, a local photographer, created dreamy portraits of cityscapes and nature using photogravure. In Quintara at 14th , he emphasized the importance of natural light achieved in careful observation of his surroundings. Using aquatint and hard ground etching, sculptor Leonardo Drew created lively abstract prints during his time in the studio. He experimented with raw egg whites that dried and cracked over the rosin ground in unpredictable designs. Although mostly monochromatic, his work has a powerful energy pulsing through the intricate surface details.

Crown Point's Summer Choices exhibition includes work by Anne Appleby, William Bailey, Robert Bechtle, John Chiara, Richard Diebenkorn, Leonardo Drew, Marcel Dzama, Jacqueline Humphries, Al Held, Joan Jonas, Tom Marioni, Ed Ruscha, Wayne Thiebaud, Patricia Treib, Charline von Heyl, and William T. Wiley.