Gilden’s Art Gallery is delighted to present Joie de vivre – an exhibition celebrating the joys of living through the medium of entertainment. Focusing on the changing sources of amusement throughout the 20th Century. We are pleased to present an eclectic selection of works on paper comprising original prints, paintings and drawings across six main themes from more than forty artists.

We begin by exploring the role of music and musicians as a source of inspiration to many diverse artists of the 20th Century. Music is naturally followed by the power of dance and the celebration of movement. The enthusiasm for both music and dance are brought together in the burgeoning nightlife of cabaret clubs, music halls and bars. Aside from the bright lights of the city, the seasonal thrill of the travelling circus and its performers enthral all generations. The itinerant big top and its retinue of circus troupes move to another arena spectacular – the bullfight. Exhilarating battles between man and beast play out to the wishes of the audience. Finally, we observe the more genteel and relaxing past times of sports and leisure.