The gallery is delighted to present an exhibition of important works by Alexander Calder and Sam Francis in the context of the promotion of American Abstraction. Both artists worked separately in Europe, at different periods and approached the principals of Abstraction in radically different ways.

Alexander Calder’s ongoing exploration and furthering of Kineticism combined with a bold and careful use of primary colours are embodied through large and medium scale gouache and ink works. Whilst Sam Francis’ expressionistic exploration of colours, space and planes are celebrated in our selection of acrylics and collages.

From the beginning and throughout their artistic careers, both Calder and Francis have been passionate and skilled printmakers. We are pleased to showcase a number of important graphic works by each artist, which highlight the synthesis within their artistic expressions.

Calder and Francis are lauded in Europe for championing Abstraction and we have brought together works from the 1960s and the subsequent decades to chart their evolving artistic journey and provide an insight into the works of these great American Masters.