Marc Chagall [Mark Zakharovich Moses Shagal] was born in the rural Belarusian town of Vitebsk in 1887. His formative years here are familiar and easily recognisable to those who view his art through the frequent and sentimental symbols of Vitebsk. “Every painter is born somewhere”, he remarked whilst in exile, cementing the draw of his homeland and his childhood.

Our exhibition explores the numerous themes that are found throughout the artist’s long and colourful career. It begins with a look at some of the most delicate and intrinsically Russian folk infused compositions, created during his time in Berlin. These etchings and wood engravings show a wonderful mastering of figures and ethereal compositions.

We are delighted to exhibit a selection of works which can be considered selfportraits and they offer the opportunity to see the way in which the artist’s view of himself, changes through time. Chagall’s love of music and, in particular, Mozart is highlighted in his wonderful depictions of the Magic Flute. Furthermore, literature and ancient texts are heralded as a source of inspiration for numerous series – all of which are imbued with love.

It is with pleasure that we present two Monotypes by the artist, Metamorphosis and Motherhood. Each of which dealing with ever present subjects in Chagall’s life. Metamorphos is focussing on the sense of ‘other’ and acts as an introspective view of the artist’s place in the world. Whereas Motherhood celebrates his eternal love for his wife Bella and the gift of life brought through family.