Bitfactory Gallery presents Thing(s) of Beauty, a group exhibition with a focus on Photography. All the artists have been handpicked and their collections curated by W. Max Thomason for this exhibition. The photographic styles range from contemporary landscape to surrealism, black & white to color, and everything in between.

Rebecca Bara - works in a variety of styles that reflect her many moods and changes in her life. Using her gift to give back is her passion, priority and purpose. Barra comes from a long line of artists going back many generations to Italy. She uses styles and techniques she created with help from her Grandfather, an artist, antique restorer and her best friend.

David Eichler - Like many photographers, I look at the world a little differently than most people. Imagine having that photo crop tool from Instagram in your head, 24/7. When you view the world through a frame, as I always have, you realize beauty and pictures are everywhere, surrounding all of us. Having battled bi-polar disorder my whole life, it is, nevertheless, challenging to believe that beauty is there for me. To be nourished by it. To enjoy it. Composing an image, adjusting the camera and pressing the shutter accomplishes just that. It’s as magical to me today as when I took my first pictures, at eight years old. Braden Fichter - is a self-taught photographer who first picked up a camera out of curiosity during his difficult medical school training in Miami, Florida. He found the immediate joy and peace found in creative photography a sustaining force as he continued his training through residency in New York City. Photography started as a welcome diversion and contrast from the sometimes sterile and scientific world of medicine but has evolved into much more.

Daniela Hichak - I love that as soon as I click the shutter, everything keeps pressing forward without looking back. That is why I find so much value in photographing people. We are never the same as we were yesterday; what an exciting gift. I do not believe in living in the past, for how precious every day, every moment is. Yet, there is some magic to never living the same moment twice.

Jeremy Patlen - My goal is to make you smile and feel great about yourself via my camera. I try to connect with my clients on a personal level and bring your character and vibrancy into my images. I love finding beauty in unexpected places. I can shoot in an alley, on a hike, Rome, Sydney, in your home — anywhere. Amy Rieg - Light surrounds us, and as a photographer I capture that light and interpret it in different ways. I love presenting my art on traditional prints and canvases. But I was able to elevate my art to a new level when I found encaustic photography. Adding wax to an image can create a sense of mystery, romanticize the light, or produce excitement through the texture. My hope is to give my audience something they've never seen before and instill an appreciation of things that often go overlooked in addition to observing our world in a different way.

Lea Wagner - I strive to make the ordinary extraordinary and to look at the mundane realities of life with a sense of wonder. Since I make photos and paintings, I tend to create work that is more painterly with soft light and a shallow depth of field.