On display in Gallery 3 will be new works by British metal artist Dan Rawlings, Brooklyn-based Iranian brothers, ICY and SOT, female tattoo artist Jackie Dunn Smith, multidisciplinary artist Joe Iurato, New York-based public space artist Jordan Seiler, British artist and pioneer of aerosol X-ray art, SHOK-1, and Australian-based artist Stormie Mills. Info on each artist below.

Contemporary British metal artist Dan Rawlings (born in Watford in 1979 and currently based in Gloucestershire, UK) uses plasma cutting as his medium, on such industrial relics as old vehicles, vintage hand saws, signage, and farm silos. His work mirrors the connection between industrial and nature.

Having a sympathy for unloved and forgotten relics, plus a fascination with nature’s resilience, have inspired Rawlings to create visions of a world where man’s impact is being slowly reclaimed by nature. He considers no technique or substrate out of bounds in achieving his intended results but is probably best known for his manipulation of metal and light, conceived with intricate hand-plasma cutting. Notable projects include the sculpture “Nature Delivers” based on the wreckage of a ford transit van and the huge ‘mighty oak,’ based on a 16 ft. farm yard silo constructed for the Affordable Art Fair’s 15th birthday in London's Battersea park. His signature works cut can be found in collections around the world.