Young Chun on his upcoming show, entitled LOOK!, shares: “I wanted the title of my show to be LOOK! because I remembered the placa – “LOOK!” - spray-painted all-over town, some 30 years ago. I remembered how it grabbed my attention and made me want to look at it. I thought that it would be a catchy way to grab people's attention and draw them in closer to look at my paintings. But, I also think that it's appropriate. Since the characters I paint look through the lens of their glasses. I like to imagine, that the glasses allow them to peek into our world, with great fascination.

These paintings are inspired by many things. They're inspired by the different sub-cultures I grew up being familiar with, memories of my past experiences, the people and the environment that surround me, and the thought of existing in this beautiful, mysterious and much unknown universe.

Sometimes, when I pass by strangers, my mind begins to create stories about them. Imagining their lives, the triumphs and tragedies. The stories evoke feelings inside of me, that become inspiration for my art; and these paintings are an interpretation of my feelings. I hope if nothing more, people are entertained by my work. But, I also hope that people who view my paintings, will be able to find a personal connection to them; and will be able to interpret them, in their own way.”