Fondazione Prada presents the 2019 edition of the musical program “I WANT TO LIKE YOU BUT I FIND IT DIFFICULT”, conceived by Craig Richards for its Milan venue. The project comprises three events taking place on Thursday 16 May, Friday 14 June and Friday 27 September 2019, from 7pm to midnight, in the external spaces of Fondazione Prada’s premises.

“I WANT TO LIKE YOU BUT I FIND IT DIFFICULT” is an attempt to explore a wide range of genres and languages hosting international music performers, such as Andrea Belfi, Biosphere, Colleen, Floating Points, Helena Hauff, Maarja Nuut & Ruum, object blue, Pole, Ben UFO, and Craig Richards.

The first appointment of 16 May will include the live performances by Estonian violinist and singer Maarja Nuut together with electronic musician Ruum, known for their haunting and hypnotic performances, and by Stefan Betke aka Pole, who through 20 years of involvement in abstract electronic club music has shifted the coordinates of the scene. The lineup will be completed with the DJ sets by Hamburg-based artist Helena Hauff, whose music is intense, dark, challenging and often terrifying, and by acclaimed British Dj and music producer Craig Richards.

As stated by Craig Richards, “The key concept behind the project is contained within its title: “I WANT TO LIKE YOU BUT I FIND IT DIFFICULT”. The notion of liking or disliking music and how we absorb and understand it, the power of preconceptions, the person who plays the music, the format in which you receive it, the environment you hear it in, the sound system you hear it on, the headspace you are in when you hear it, at night or by day… All of these factors contribute to any relationship with music. My curation of this year attempts to explore the notion that music when juxtaposed can be challenging, confrontational, atmospheric, beautiful and awkward. Each show has potential to inspire or irritate. Quite simply, as the title suggests, these performances attempt to explore the indescribable force of music, liked or disliked”.