Todd Hosfelt puts together approximately 200 drawings, ranging from abstraction to figuration and utilizing juxtapositions between works to tease out formal and thematic echoes across centuries and cultures.

Artists include Nasreen Mohamedi, Eva Hesse, Ruth Asawa, Martin Kippenberger, Lordy Rodriguez, Marco Maggi, Zarina Hashmi, Liliana Porter, Léon Ferrari, Michael Buthe, Nancy Graves, Rosetsu Nagasawa, Maruyama Okyo, Emil Lukas, Gerhard Mayer, Antonio Asis, Rina Banerjee, Nam June Paik, Hannah Wilke, Andrew Schoultz, Nicole Phungrasamee Fein, Jay DeFeo, Angelina Pwerle, Chris Ballantyne, Jacob Jordaens, Robert Bechtle, Giovanni Battista Paggi, William T. Wiley, Shahzia Sikander, Anish Kapoor and Bruce Conner.