Baahng Gallery is pleased to announce the gallery representation of Pilar Goutas and to present "Parteaguas", her first solo exhibition with the gallery, showcasing murals, portraits, and paintings. The exhibition runs from April 25 thru May 31, with the opening reception held at the gallery on Saturday, April 27th, 3 – 5PM.

Delving into Latin American magical realism and rooted in indigenous heritage of Mexico, Pilar Goutas forges her own take on the Surrealist current inventing a unique style merging reality with the irrationality of the unconscious: The portrait series, created using photomontage, collage, and superimposition of digitally morphed staged subjects, birth unsettling images with wits and sentiments; The drawings and paintings are embedded with symbols and codes that are decipherable only as in gestures resulting a kind of pictorial intelligence. With a personal narrative, "Parteaguas" offers a mythical, abstract, and atemporal world: It is a theater without categorization requiring no validation.

Pilar Goutas lives and works in Mexico. She studied Graphic and Fashion Design and her works have been exhibited among galleries and museums in Beijing, Berlin, Venice, New York, and Mexico City.