Bitfactory Gallery presents Beyond Worlds, an all- female, group exhibition with a focus on Abstract Art.

Brought together by the desire to reach beyond the boundaries of our mundane, material existence, four established artists, Annamarie Mead, Lydia Riegle, Janet Rundquist, and Cyncie Winter explore through paint, line, brush and color the other side. The result, Beyond Worlds, reaches both outward and inward: outward to the edge of our imagination and inward to the rich depth of our collective soul. The artists invite you to set aside the limitations of the familiar and join them on a journey to a place where boundaries become permeable and the imaginary becomes real.

Annamarie Mead - I love to blend colors with the freshness and freedom of natural scenes, and with an abstract interpretation. What is difficult to say in words comes through color, light, shape and movement in paint. Painting is how I speak from the soul.

Lydia Riegle - I am fascinated with outcomes from using different materials and tools. I believe that the creative process is an encounter with the unknown, opening a door to intimacy with new ways of seeing to make something both beautiful and challenging. Stepping into a process of discovery, I know that chance, confidence, the imprint of tools and materials, and maintaining an open mind will lead me into new territory – something beyond what is known. Each piece of work embodies an open question, living into the answer of this moment. Throughout it all, I am intimate with the discovery process and the beauty of the outcome.

Janet Rundquist - As each layer of paint is applied, my work transforms itself. I’m painting instinctively, intuitively and emotionally. I’m painting my remembrances of my time with the wind, water, sky and earth. I surrender to motion, joy and the surprises that lie ahead...just as when I’m alone and free in the natural world.

Cyncie Winter - To capture the connection I feel with nature, I work intuitively, through thoughtful selection of color and gestural movement in applying paint. I pour liquid acrylics on gallery-wrap canvas with deep edges, coaxing paint to form intentional pools of color, juxtaposing light and dark areas, to invoke an appreciation for the beauty of our world, and all that is luminous and hopeful. The many expressions of these experiences can be found in my multiple series: How the Light Gets In; Fire in the Heart; Shining Earth; and Presence.