Already exhibited during the 2nd edition of PhotoBrussels Festival at Hangar, the duo Clark & Pougnaud is back in Brussels with a brand new series, Eden. This time, they decided to explore the theme of still life in their images. With a lot of poetry, Pougnaud creates the sets and the staging, Clark shoots the photographs. For Eden, they decided to work on several media. The entire series is the subject of pigment prints on Hannemülhe paper and some of the photographs are printed on a precious paper Moulin du Vergé.

This exhibition already announces the theme of the 4th edition of PhotoBrussels Festival: Still Life.

“A season in paradise. Stage an imaginary garden in front of a painted canvas. Paint then photograph from morning to night, as long as the light enters the studio. Roll the canvas when it has been photographed and stretch another one. Look in the vegetable garden, on the paths, in the bushes, shapes and colors so beautiful that we bring them back to the workshop. Catch some insects, take from nature small pieces of beautiful lives. Paint and photograph every day until the October frosts in the large open space of an ephemeral photo studio.” - Clark & Pougnaud, 2018.

Biography/ French artists Clark and Pougnaud (1962 – 1963) are a photographer and a painter respectively. Clark grew up in the world of photography, acting as assistant to his father before opening his own studio. Pougnaud comes from a family of artists and was immersed in the staging and the painting from an early age. They formed their partnership in the 90’s : Pougnaud dreaming up the sets, manufacturing and painting the scenery, and Clark photographing and retouching them. Their passionate commitment to taking the time to work slowly means that they produce no more than a dozen images a year. Their approach is also deeply traversed by pictorial references of the 20th century, like Edward Hopper, René Magritte and surrealism.