It was necessary to invent a name for this last big collective exhibition in the space located rue Saint-Roch. Antonine Catzeflis invited "old and new" to join her with the same spontaneity.

Faithful from the first hour, Nicolas Cesbron had the beautiful idea: "she displays her Antonineries". And, after all, why not ? These are her artistic favorites, her eclectic excitements... A gathering of talents as she likes them, by whom she enjoys to "be fooled" and that she accompanies in the creation gesture.

Talents whose universes respond to each other, complement each other or even come together to meet in an invisible underworld. Because Antonine Catzéflis, a gallerist not quite in the mold, likes that every story goes on and is reinterpreted. And her funny place, singular and charming, that this atypical esthete has been bringing to life enthusiastically for 17 years fits perfectly. There, she brings together, in a kind of surrealist collage, an assemblage of works and makes fun of codes. She immediately chooses complicity without aforethought which weaves itself unexpectedly according to affinities. Rightly and simply.