Marina Le Gall and Agathe Brahami Ferron are two young artists I started following while still at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

They made their first exhibition at the gallery, their first fair with me, a journey of awards and invitations to exhibit in different institutions. Agathe is Laureate 2018 of the Biennial of the young creation at the Graineterie de Houilles and Marina is in residence-workshop Medicis for the current creation program and has just delivered a swarm of ceramic birds for the Orly airport.

But what encourages me and reinforces me the most in my choice, it is the adhesion of the public to this look so personal and original that they bear on the world and the power of work, the capacity of evolution of which they show one as the other. For this last exhibition before the summer, we chose together to exhibit only unpublished pieces. Everything remains to be discovered.