In keeping with the curatorial project as a whole and the subjects featured in Personnages and Allori senza fronde, the MAN will be exhibiting around twenty works from the museum’s permanent collection, including drawings, sculptures and paintings.

The featured artists will be Antonio Ballero, Giuseppe Biasi, Salvatore Fancello, Francesco Ciusa, Francesca Devoto, Bernardino Palazzi and Giacinto Satta, all key figures in the development of new expressive canons on the Sardinian art scene.

The exhibition offers an extraordinary opportunity to see not only finished works, but also drafts and anatomical studies, which reveal both a focus on the classics – reworking ideas in the light of the artist’s individual background – and the exploration of physiognomy that was of such interest to science in the late nineteenth century, profoundly influencing Sardinia’s cultural history.

The portrayal of the human figure in its symbolic dimension prevails in the works, with details of faces and shapes of bodies, while always maintaining a close connection with the world of twentieth-century Sardinia and Mediterranean island culture.