From February 16 until mid-April 2019, PROA21 presents the unpublished project Collection of collections by the artist Lucio Dorr (1969-2013). Relevant artist of the local scene and renovator from different records of the Argentine geometric tradition.

His work crosses different disciplines such as architecture, graphic design, painting; always with a very current reading of the urban, his methods of production linked according to the own words of Lucio Dorr to the "project discipline of the landscape". This installation, originally designed for a space adjacent to the Temporary Exhibition Hall of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires, consists of approximately 50 printing slabs of different formats.

These schablones contain original drawings that the artist made since 1998. Each of these is the original one-piece matrix that has already been made. Lucio Dorr's works are expansive with many layers of information that work in the manner of a kaleidoscope, projecting forms and images as clear reflections of urban life and the organic nature of movement.