Situated at the crossroads of the laws that define and regulate our living environment and our customs (urbanism and architecture), the universe of objects with which we interact on a daily basis, and the vast and complex uses of fashion, Design in Action reflects on the presence of design in everyday life.

Design in Action testifies to the presence, the multiplicity, the aesthetics and the perspectives of design, and its relation to the most substantial and vital issues of the present.

Design in Action begins with a historical and chronological presentation by researcher Larisa Mantovani, who recounts the birth of technical schools, the position of women in the workforce in the early 20th century, and the establishment and development of (industrial) Design as both a concept and a career in Argentina, while highlighting the role of social and political change in its evolution.

Martín Huberman reflects on the impact of legislation in housing and in the development of urban culture. The tension between law and the individual is the primary concern of a group of artists and architects who, through a series of projects, have explored the tensions between Norm and Creativity. Their work deals specifically with the Zero Waste Regulation, the New Building Regulation for the City of Buenos Aires and the Distributed Generation Law.

Olga Martínez focuses on the often overlooked traditional handicrafts and their importance to the landscape of industrial objects that surround us. She shows how ceramic can be found in tools, tableware, and electric and healthcare devices, and how this attests to the presence of design and creation. Design in Action is about the artist at work, about the importance of craft in the fabrication of not only traditional but also industrial objects.

Fashion design conceives a subject who, through the individual perception of his or her own body, constructs an image that presents the defining traits of his or her personality. María Laura Carrascal has selected some of the current issues that are redefining fashion today, demonstrating the thematic versatility of this discipline. The participating projects and designers tackle issues like sustainability, new technologies and challenging the gender binary.

The visitor will find a selection works by a community of experimental designers and architects that allow us to reflect on how individual and collective cultural Action is also concerned with and manifested through Design.