Taking its title from the first verse of the poem Labyrinth by Jorge Luis Borges, this exhibition brings together installations, drawings, sculptures, paintings, videos and books by artists belonging to the international collection of contemporary art of Luiz Augusto Teixeira de Freitas.

In order to reflect the wide variety of meanings that an art collection can achieve, the exhibition is organized as a labyrinth: it has neither a beginning nor an end, no specific theme, it is not centered in any territory, time or belief. And, nevertheless, the options that are posed are endless: dialogues are established, encounters are generated, previous assumptions are deconstructed and innumerable possibilities unfold. Among the selected artists, are important international contemporary art names such as Cildo Meireles, Dahn Vo, Damian Ortega, Gordon Matta-Clark, Jonathan Monk, Jorge Macchi, Julião Sarmento, Luisa Lambri, Nina Canell, Robert Kinmont, Sanja Ivekovic, Sofia Hultén , Tamar Guimarães, Thomas Ruff and Walid Raad along with many others.