This exhibition will provide an occasion for the public to discover or rediscover, among other works, the exceptional stage curtain by Picasso, La Dépouille du Minotaure en costume d’Arlequin [The Corpse of the Minotaur in Harlequin Costume], created by the artist in 1936 and donated by him to the city of Toulouse in 1965. It is only presented once every two years for conservation purposes.

This exhibition, initiated within the framework of the Picasso Méditerranée programme launched by the Musée National Picasso de Paris, devised as an extension of the Guernica exhibition by the same museum (spring-summer 2018) in association with the scientific teams of both institutions, will explore how this historical and personal upheaval affected the artist’s work. Within the framework of an overall historical project to retrace the geography of the exiled Spanish art scene, a dedicated collection area will be set up at Les Abattoirs for the project for several months prior to the exhibition, featuring an artwork commissioned from an artist

This project Picasso and the Exodus will be extended by complementary contemporary art exhibitions in the region and in Toulouse, which will follow the geography of the historical exile and contemporary migrations.