French-born painter and part-time LA resident, Pierre Picot, makes landscape and archeologically-inspired motifs that possess both the gusto and the subtlety of calligraphy, as well as the raw grit of Philip Guston.

His raggy-jaggy lines of craggy mountains and teetering classical vases combine in surreal tableaux, like a flattened de Chirico stage. They are open fields of space where the artistic mind composes symbolic elements. He quotes Francis Picabia, “Our head is round to allow our thoughts to change direction.” In fact, he describes his artistic process as allowing instinct to organize the unknown.

The “confusion, the mind-boggling and exalted complexity of the world, gets into the mix with varying degrees of importance, presence and dominance, and I am faced with the results…my instinct becomes its own form of the inevitable.” "Landscape Yo-Yo" is Pierre Picot’s third solo exhibition at Craig Krull Gallery.