For the first time, the Museum Rietberg is putting on an exhibition that brings together old Indian miniature paintings with contemporary works.

The internationally renowned collection of miniatures of Museum Rietberg includes works from the 12th to the 19th century. The exhibition “Space in Time – Contemporary Miniature Paintings from Pakistan” initiates a dialogue across space and time: The contemporary works from young artist from the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan, arise from a direct examination of paintings from the 15th to the 18th century held in the collection of the Museum Rietberg. They reinterpret them as seen through the eyes of a young, globalized generation of artists in Pakistan.

“The exhibition makes an important contribution to an artistic exchange that transcends cultural, religious, economic, political as well as language boundaries”, Dr. Caroline Widmer, who curated the exhibition with Prof. Quddus Mirza, emphasizes. The result is a rich array of artworks that reflect very personal positions. Viewing the exhibition is a way to reappraise the historical works with today’s eyes and discover new aspects hidden within.