During the summer months, Museo Picasso Málaga will be hosting the exhibition Bruce Nauman. Rooms, bodies, words. Bruce Nauman (1941) is an American multimedia artist who has been active since the mid-20th century and whose innovative works are based on his personal understanding of art as an activity or process rather than the production of objects.

He frequently reflects upon the human body, and his works highlight the relationships that are established between objects, the space around them and the observer. They exude references to music, dance, literature and philosophy, from Samuel Beckett to Merce Cunningham, generating in the viewer the kind of responses that are associated with provocation, conflict, tension, disorientation, and anxiety. His irony is clear from his wordplay and from the relationships he establishes between the viewer, space, and the artwork. Co-curated by Professor

Eugen Blume, from Germany, and MPM artistic director José Lebrero Stals, the exhibition brings together around a hundred works which display the wide range of techniques that Nauman employs, such as video, sculpture, installation, neon lighting, architectural structures, photography, and drawing. This is Nauman’s first major exhibition in Spain for 25 years.