The Fleet Science Center partnered with San Diego Gas & Electric to produce an ambitious new exhibit all about the San Diego power grid: how it works, where the energy comes from and how it’s managed as it gets into your home. Power Play San Diego is now open in the upstairs Mezzanine Gallery at the Fleet!

Designed by Unified Field and built exclusively for the Fleet, Power Play San Diego challenges visitors try to keep the power grid in balance while maximizing the use of renewable energy sources. When you're in charge of the grid, you'll have the responsibility of delivering power from the production sources to homes, offices, schools and other businesses in San Diego. Try to keep the power grid in balance—and avoid a blackout!

The exhibit design is a dynamic representation of the smart grid, a network of transmission lines, substations and transformers that deliver electricity from the power plant to homes or businesses. Power Play San Diego demonstrates how the smart grid functions, how it works with different energy outputs and how it will work for different types of energy consumers in San Diego.