Join us to explore a small world where big science happens in this new, engaging exhibition all about nanoscale science, technology and engineering.

Dive into the nano world to discover real-world applications and implications. Try “I Spy Nano,” a series of interactive challenges, then search a complex image for examples of real nano products and phenomena. In “Balance Our Nano Future,” find ways of building a stable future that includes nanotechnology. “Build a Giant Carbon Nanotube” of its tiny original; explore progressively smaller magnetic materials—magnetite sand, iron powder and ferrofluid in “Small, Smaller, Nano;” or compare the relative effects of “Static Electricity and Gravity” on different size beads.

This exhibit was created by the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE). This project was supported by the National Science Foundation under awards Nos. 05322536 and 0940143.