Davidek’s enticing use of color energizes her paintings and exaggerates the other-worldly quality of her work. Her paintings are populated by abstract botanical forms that appear to proliferate in three-dimensional space. These bright, organic forms burst with color and surge with life, like cells dividing under a microscope. This sense of rapid growth and expansion is not overwhelming but rather, emits a sense of symbiotic harmony.

By thinly layering multiple glazes of oil paint on panel, Davidek veils forms over one another, creating an ambience to her work where indistinct shadows emerge from a hazy aura. These colorful forms range in size and become increasingly opaque as they approach the foreground, creating a magnetic pull that attracts the viewer into an alluring world full of life then pushes them back to the surface.

Annette Davidek has exhibited throughout the United States, including at LittleJohn Contemporary in New York and the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art. Her work is in the collections of Citi Group, Flint Institute of Art, and Viacom to name a few. She earned a BFA at the University of Michigan and an MFA at Hunter College. She lives and works in Brooklyn.