Looking after old and fragile objects is a fight against time and decay. Conservators-restorers are the specialists who look after the National Gallery’s collections. Their job is to preserve the precious objects for the present and the future generations. They investigate artworks, they try to determine their composition and making technique, the causes of decay, and to find out the best ways to conserve and display them.

The exhibition will present the profession and its very diverse work. It will guide you through selected tasks which follow the typical process of dealing with an artwork from the arrival in the restorer's studio to the exhibition. You will be able to observe and exam paintings under different light angles and light sources. The rich photographic documentation that follows the interventions/treatments of artworks reveals individual techniques for the preservation of various materials.

To the tasks of the conservator-restorer preventive conservation also belongs which stems from the principle that prevention is better than cure. Recognizing and avoiding agents of deterioration typical of the museum environment help slow down the decay, prevent damage, and create the most appropriate conditions for the preservation of artworks.

Come and follow the path of artworks from the restoration studio to the exhibition room and discover the work of conservators-restorers in the National Gallery, look through their eyes, learn about their decisions and solutions. The exhibition will be accompanied by a brochure on the care for artworks.