A lively and centrally located meeting place for young and old music lovers is the House of Music in Stuttgart Fruchtkasten. Here, the Württemberg State Museum presents exceptional pieces from its extensive collection of historic musical instruments .

The concert hall on the ground floor welcomes visitors with a selection of particularly valuable keyboard instruments from the 17th to the early 20th century that are played regularly at concerts: two fortepiano, a tangent wing, double wing by Pleyel and an original structure French harpsichord from the time of Louis XIV ,

With new stations to test and experiment that offers "Curious sound lab" since May 17, 2015 on the 3rd floor of the fruit box is an ideal complement to the exhibition "Outrageous!". In the sound laboratory different types of sound production are presented in an entertaining way and tangible. Here visitors young and old can satisfy your desire to try yourself and make music: Summtopf, water organ, Kuhglockenklavier, musical saw or sounding broom invite new sound experiences, some of which require intuition and targeted physical exertion. When Chladni box and the Theremin fascinating electronic phenomena are involved. The crowning glory of the tour is the punching bag "Beathoven" with built-in sampler and amplifier, which can elicit different sounds in the pit; even the subject of a famous symphony can be "boxed".

Whether sounding sea snail, cane flute or trumpet rainwater - the world of musical instruments is full of surprises: "Outrageous! - Musical instruments with a difference "is the first exhibition in the basement. Here, visitors encounter unusual instruments and ensembles beyond the traditional orchestra. These were devised by experimental players and innovative instrument makers and constructed.

The variety ranges from the piano keyboard with button double Büchel and glass harp to the kit violin. A splendid mixture of traditional listeners' expectations and development needs to be questioned. Original single pieces like the bell boot of the composer Mauricio Kagel lead in the border area of ​​an entertaining game and provocative action. is more than a classic instrument show "Outrageous!". At the center of both the players and the audience as well as the experience of both the phenomenon of music are. In addition to design sketches, video and audio examples invite interactive elements to a sound research - such as the Umbrella violin or the Flaschophon.

The presentation "Our musical instruments - soundscapes with a migration background" in the second floor of the fruit box spans a chronological arc of Renaissance instruments to the mechanical musical production and reproduction in the 19th and 20th centuries. While not a complete musical history is mapped; Rather, visitors receive in accordance with the primary focuses - including precious string and wind instruments - selected insights into the interaction of sound ideal and instrument.

Many Europeans are not aware of the extent to which the Christian-European musical culture received important impulses from the Islamic-Arabic and Asian culture. Against this background, the show collection applies selectively the non-European models of European instruments with. With numerous musical examples can follow the development of lines and serves international soundscapes in the exhibition. So visitors have about the possibility that Zurn? compare and Schalmei and from this developed Oboe hearing.