In a heritage-listed vaults in the Old Palace examples from the collection are watches and scientific instruments shown. Magnificent watches the Renaissance, exciting showpieces to watch technology and examples of innovative measurement and monitoring devices provide an introduction to the cosmos innovative technology development.

In the largest vaulted room pomp clocks are shown in an intimate atmosphere that emerged in the 16th and 17th centuries - that is, in a time when timepieces were sumptuously decorated and lavish one-offs. Besides the time can be read also astronomical and calendrical information to these showpieces. A second area of ​​watch technology, scientific instruments and sundials is dedicated: Original movements provide an insight into the technical development of the first mechanical timepieces to precise second precision watches. Other units are dedicated to the inventiveness of the instrument maker. Here are especially measuring and monitoring tools to see who helped astronomy and land surveying to unexpected precision. The variety of sundials that were to the 19th century, the most common timepiece is also to be regarded in numerous exhibits. To deepen single exhibition content is an audio guide is available. Large and small visitors will also have the opportunity to try on a participatory station scientific instruments such as an astrolabe or a sextant itself.

The impressive vaults, which are used as a kind of treasure trove for the valuable watches and instruments, are among the few, largely preserved original components of the Renaisannce Castle .. In the northern, two-aisled vaulted room, the visitor can look also through a hole in the ground down to the oldest walls of the castle from the 13th century. These are explained in a display board.