Grieder Contemporary is delighted to present Works from a Private Collection with exceptional pieces by David Adamo, Doug Aitken, Monica Bonvicini, Ross Chisholm, Claudia Comte, Armen Eloyan, Anna Fasshauer, Andreas Greiner, Nic Hess, Shara Hughes, Florian Meisenberg, Rebecca Morris, Kerim Seiler, Loredana Sperini, Franz West and Erwin Wurm. Brought together in a contemporary “Salon” setting, Works from a Private Collection creates an unconventional dialogue between varying artistic practices and perspectives.

The exhibition showcases works by both internationally acclaimed, as well as younger generation artists - all of them sourced from a private collection started in the early 2000’s. The show emphasizes the value of looking at art through the eyes of a collector. Collectors, led by their vision and taste, venture into all areas and media of artistic production. The disparate approaches and artistic tendencies of the showcased artists become the trigger for a wider discourse on the practice of collecting art today.

The unconventional juxtaposition of works like the one represented by Erwin Wurm (Mies van der Rohe melting), Monica Bonvicini (Prozac), and Armen Eloyan (Basement) – activate a new conversa-tion on present-day sculptural tendencies. Especially the large-scale sculptural installation Flower-Guitar-Wheel by Nic Hess, with its clever use of everyday objects, stripped of their original function and context, to create new and unusual constellations, challenges the boundaries of the sculptural medium.

The combination of paintings by Shara Hughes, Rebecca Morris and Florian Meisenberg, represent a new generation of painters who have discovered different working methods and forms of expression, enabling each of them to develop a wholly personal and independent visual idiom. All three take great pleasure in the act of painting, in experimenting and in consciously opting for the myriad of possibilities offered by painting as a genre.