GR Gallery is proud to present “First Matter”, a mesmerizing show featuring internationally known artists Dylan Gebbia-Richards, Matthew Shlian and Mara Fabbro, whose work advance the discourse around the exploration of new materials and unique techniques, capable to give birth to magical compositions, that push abstract art beyond the boundaries. This exhibition will showcase fifteen new artworks appositely conceived for this occasion.

Dylan Gebbia-Richrads (American, 1992) | Matt Shlian (American, 1980) | Mara Fabbro (Italian, 1978) Why: “First Matter” aims to highlight the exclusive aesthetic approach to abstract and geometric art pursued by the three artists and their cutting edge interpretations of the artistic area.

Abandoning completely the idea of the traditional flat surface and media, by experimenting the use of uncommon substances, like in alchemy they are able to create enchanting three dimensional pieces. With completely different visual developments, the artists lead to a deep and unique discussion about innovation in contemporary society.