Paradigm Gallery is pleased to present Seeing Impossible Color, an exhibition of sculptural works by the multimedia artist Hilary White. The exhibition, which marks White's second solo exhibition with the gallery, will open on September 28th and remain on view through October 20, 2018.

White uses the concept of impossible colors, the colors that cannot be perceived by humans in normal circumstances, to demonstrate to viewers that they can overcome adversity and start seeing the possibility of what can be beautiful in their lives.

Inspired from her work with children within the Foster Care system, White's latest series of truly original, eye-popping sculptural wall pieces meet at the crossroads of theology, science, and wholly imagined realities. Employing a range of mediums from hand-cut wood, plastic, and paint to resin, glitter, and even hair, White creates tangible manifestations of faith, and what she refers to as the healing process through art making.

White’s works are derived from biblical symbolism, personal mythos, and the notion of transcendence. Her sculptures present narratives uniquely situated at the intellectual and spiritual intersections of belief and wonder, faith, and art. Embodying a sense of community and celebration as well as our collective inherent daily struggles, White's wall reliefs effectively merge the spiritual and physical realms. Her vibrant, neon-colored works serve as a catalyst for discussion, an entry point for dialogue regarding what we believe and don't believe, and how faith affects our perception of the world and each other.

Through the lens of faith, kitsch, and pop culture, White experiments with biblical narratives, exploring the mystery of the unknown, the contrast of the infinite and the finite, and the spiritual within the context of the communal. Occupying the ambiguous borderlines between optical art, psychedelia, and theological symbolism, White's anti-structure sculptures are one-of-a-kind cosmic spectacles, inducing in the viewer a liminal state of existential wonder.