SportsZone is a new permanent exhibition that explores how sport connects the science of the human body, laws of motion, and technical innovation. Explore physical fitness, nutrition, equipment, and safety as you prepare to play. Then, hit the turf and go for it! Test your skills at pitching, jumping, surfing, and running all while investigating the fundamental concepts of health, materials science, mechanics, and motion.

Ready? Is your body ready to go? Athletic abilities vary from person to person, but so do sports. There’s a sport for everyone, no matter your size or shape. Explore the steps needed to stay in your personal ready zone where your energy and needs are in balance.

You’re ready to play. But are you set? Do you have the right stuff? Sports equipment can sometimes make the difference in your performance. Get set by learning about the newest developments in equipment materials and design. New discoveries in the structure and properties of materials, combined with specialized designs, can make hockey sticks lighter, bikes more efficient, and even make balls bounce differently. Innovations in equipment design also help to protect us—but do they push us beyond our limits?

You’re ready. You’re set. Now, go! It’s time to discover that it’s not just how hard you play, it’s how well you play. Perfecting the skills and movements of any sport maximizes success and prevents injury. Understanding the physical forces that drive those movements gives you a clear advantage. When you’re perfecting your pitch or finding your best surfing stance, your knowledge of fluid dynamics and center of mass helps you make the right adjustments. Then take a second look with motion-tracking technology or slow-motion video to analyze your technique. See if you can use science to improve your performance!