Galerie Greta Meert is pleased to present a group exhibition of sculptures unfolding on all three floors of the gallery. Bringing together artists working with a wide range of materials and sculptural practices, this exhibition aims to nurture unexpected dialogues and encounters between works, artists, and the viewer.

While the notion of materiality seems fairly straightforward when used in the context of sculpture, the selection of works on view promotes an understanding of materiality that goes beyond its definite meaning. If sculpture is that thing that you “bump into while you back up to look at a painting” as it was notoriously stated by painter Ad Reinhardt, the present exhibition wilfully dodges the modernist joke. Instead of approaching sculpture as a medium with a set of established conventions, one is invited to consider “medium” in the broader sense of the word, as that which literally stands in-between. At odds with the fixity usually attributed to most sculptural forms, this slight change of perspective helps to situate sculpture as intervening elements through which impressions are conveyed, and physicality transmitted.

The multiplicity of voices embodied in the works of artists as diverse as Carl Andre, Jean-Luc Moulène, Erika Verzutti or Thomas Schütte for instance, are put in relation to create a series of informal hypothesis. The supposed weightiness of sculpture can in turn be reassessed to give these physical objects more leeway and latitude, perhaps even the ability to wiggle – just a little bit.