Mai 36 Galerie is delighted to present the exhibition Best Of, celebrating more than forty years of creative endeavour by Ian Anüll. This muti-faceted show highlights selected works from the wide- ranging oeuvre of this Swiss artist, with whom we have been collaborating since 1988.

Ian Anüll (born 1948 in Sempach/Switzerland) works in a variety of techniques and media, from photography to sculpture and installations. The materials he uses are often found objects, gleaned from the worlds of consumerism, mass media, signs and nature.

The exhibition Best Of at Mai 36 Galerie shows works from the 1970s through to the present day, some of them never before presented to the public. The works have been selected from various groups and series, as well as from different phases of the artist’s career. As such, they illustrate a broad and diverse artistic approach based on his evident social and political awareness. Ian Anüll address such complex issues as marketing, consumerism and the product-based economy, calling into question the systems and power structures that make art itself a part of the monetary system.