Greg Kucera Gallery is pleased to announce our second one-person exhibition of work by Seattle artist Claude Zervas. The exhibition, titled Starlings, consists of a series small to medium scale oil on wood panel paintings. Incorporating a combination of traditional and non-traditional painting techniques, the artist explores his idiosyncratic and highly personal visual vernacular to create thickly textured and oddly composed works that define any concrete explanation.

In these oil paintings I’ve been trying to achieve a formal awkwardness within the constraints of compositional balance. I purposely avoid the consideration of referents until after the painting is completed. The aim is to maintain a purity of intent, while accepting the futility of it. This is not to say that the paintings are devoid of meaning - the opposite in fact. They are the concrete expression of sublimation. – Claude Zervas

Zervas has work in the collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art, Seattle Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum and Portland Art Museum. He lives and works in Seattle, WA.