Greg Kucera Gallery is pleased to announce our first solo exhibition of sewn and/or quilted work by Washington artist Joey Veltkamp. The artist describes this show as being about departures and way-finding, reflecting the artist’s interest in how we give energy to things, both negative and positive. Those things then grow under our attention, a notion that has become more apparent after a recent move out of Seattle.

“After twenty years in Seattle, I’ve recently relocated 17 miles due west to Bremerton, a town with a population of 40,000, accessible via an hour long ferry ride across the Salish Sea, where I’ve already spotted seals and Orcas. This show acts as a dialogue these two very different regions, highlighting both similarities and differences in their economic and social influences. The show’s title “Blue Skies Forever” is a borrowed Lana Del Rey lyric and references buoyant optimism in the face of continued adversity.” – Joey Veltkamp

In Life is Beautiful, Veltkamp begins with fragments of song lyrics sewn in pink letters on top of a grid of pink flags. Though the line “We’re all gonna die” spelled out in bold black letters over the grid may be depressing to some, for the artist it is a strangely comforting thought. Because death is inevitable, we must live life to its fullest while we can. Washington State Ferries (right) lists the different ferries the artist can use as part of his commute. Each ferry has its own idiosyncrasies, giving each journey its own character depending on which ferry he takes.