The new rehanging of the collection in Skagens Museum recounts the story of the Skagen painters from a selection of notable and iconic works in the Art Museums of Skagen's collection.

In the last half of the 19th century, Skagen became home to a colony of some of the period’s greatest Scandinavian artists. The Skagen painters are among Scandinavia’s most famous and celebrated artists. Since 1908, Skagens Museum has collected and exhibited works by the group of mainly Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian painters who worked in Skagen around the turn of the last century. Today, Skagens Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of Skagen painters’ works.

The new rehanging in Skagens Museum is built in groups around central works from the museum’s collection. In each gallery, there is a special focus on one work that lends perspective to the other works through the network of friendships, links, and inspirations, which is a special and underlying characteristic of the work of an artist colony.

The exhibition contains works by Anna Ancher, Helga Ancher, Michael Ancher, Christian Blache, Oscar Björck, Gad Frederik Clement, Holger Drachmann, Viggo Johansen, Christian Krohg, Marie Krøyer, P.S. Krøyer, Carl Locher, Waldemar Nyström and Laurits Tuxen.