Andra Norris Gallery is honored to present new skyscape oil paintings from Willard Dixon, who has painted Northern California coastal landscapes for 35 years, capturing the undeniable beauty of the West with its grand and humble spirit. Dixon is one of the nation’s finest contemporary American realist painters, and his work can be found in numerous distinctive private and public collections, as well as the San Francisco Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Oakland Museum of California.

Sophia Dixon-Dillo incorporates light as an active medium into quiet and delicate works made from transparent, translucent, or reflective materials. Her works are experiential, requiring the viewer’s presence to witness the ever-shifting effects of light and movement. We introduce a series of hanging stainless steel Cloud sculptures that “float” suspended from the gallery ceiling, surrounded by her father Willard Dixon’s paintings. This is our second exhibition featuring the father and daughter’s work together.

Jane Kim is one of the nation’s most in-demand conservation/preservation artists, inspiring people to love and protect the Earth one work of art at a time. Taking cues from the great tradition of science illustration, she creates works that are relevant to important issues of the moment, that consider the relationships between endangered species and humanity, as well as how technology is shaping urban ecosystem and our own sense of place and belonging. We are thrilled by the selection of important paintings by Jane Kim in this exhibition.

David Molesky has a self-proclaimed preoccupation with the magic of painting — with the way a gooey substance is transformed to an illusionary image that arouses states of contemplation and empathy. The works in this exhibition depict female figures painted in oil, from life, while he lived in New York City. Using a technique of building thin layers of minimal color, typical of the Venetian Renaissance, the artist created 20 paintings, predominantly working with one model — a tall, dark-haired young woman named Scout — over a two-year period. We are privileged to have a comprehensive selection of Scout and other figurative paintings in California for the first time.

The gallery is pleased to present a series of April Dawn Parker’s intimate and highly detailed gouache paintings of imagined environments depicting abstracted natural elements from both life and the artist’s imagination. Influenced by geometry, and intrigued by the idea of mathematical perfection, the artist creates colorful and mysterious ecosystems inspired by hidden worlds, including caves, root systems, and coral reefs.

Irene Zweig furthers the tradition of color field painting by creating a unique palette from her own abstract watercolors that are deconstructed into triangles and meticulously reformed onto wooden panels. The eye interprets the original message subliminally, while the construct of component triangles remains. The work also bridges American Impressionism, specifically pointillism. Contemplative harmonious balance is a constant in Zweig’s abstract paintings that loosely reflect land and water, and generally take their titles from classical music.