Andra Norris Gallery is proud to present this exhibition featuring new paintings from two contemporary artists whose quiet grace and skills offer us new ways to see through strokes of brilliance.

Diana Tremaine’s dynamic oil paintings bridge figuration, representation, and still life. Simultaneously autobiographical and universal, the scenes reflect a search for meaning in our collective human experience. The complex surfaces convey the passage of time by layering and eliminating in a push-pull fashion to reveal what is most essential and what is less so while evoking an emotive response. Many of the new figurative works are fully immersive, created in life-size, with the scenes speaking metaphorically about human connection and the beauty that is inherent in strength and fragility.

Lynette Cook depicts highly detailed urban scenes that feature San Francisco and its surrounding regions. Her iconic architectural images often feature fire escapes and their strong shadows etched across building facades that create a rhythm and order that is both real and composed. The buildings, bathed in light and dark, also tell stories of their inhabitants. Thoughtfully painted with harmony and sensitivity, there is beauty in the stark and glorious images that, while they could be from any metropolitan area, depict and celebrate California – the artist’s adopted home.